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Tailcoats & Tuxedos

The men's formal tails, as we know them today, developed slowly and steadily over the period of the twelfth to fourteenth century in Europe. The quality of the cloth used to make the formal tails and tuxedos have always held a lot of importance. Going through the process of renaissance, the basic function of the formal tails and tuxedos and other form of clothing shifted from just to cover up the body to accentuating some of the physical characteristics of the men.

The formal tails were considered to be the most appropriate formal wear for distinguished gatherings..

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Mens Designer and Classical Tailcoats

Tailcoats don't have any need for a classification. Tailcoats are, without a doubt, form the most impressive genre of men's formal wear. The cut-in tailcoats were formally adopted as the men's formal wear for all occasions since 1860s, when tailcoats were worn on all formal occasions as the men's formal wear for evening affairs. The tailcoats are available in both single as well as double breasted versions. Some of the tailcoats and men's formal wear also have velvet trims on the cuffs and collar.

The men's formal wear tailcoats are shorter from the front and have an elongated tail at the back. Due to the short length of the tailcoats which reach up to the waist, the men's formal wear vest that is chosen should be identical to either the trouser or the tailcoat..