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Why formal tails are still in vogue for ultra formal occasions

The men’s formal tails, as we know them today, developed slowly and steadily over the period of the twelfth to fourteenth century in Europe. The quality of the cloth used to make the formal tails and tuxedos have always held a lot of importance. Going through the process of renaissance, the basic function of the formal tails and tuxedos and other form of clothing shifted from just to cover up the body to accentuating some of the physical characteristics of the men. 

The formal tails were considered to be the most appropriate formal wear for distinguished gatherings. At times the formal tails were often accompanied by the top hat for the ultimate formal look. The formal shirts that were worn with the formal tails and tuxedos were complemented by starched white shirts that had pleated yokes. With changing times, the wing collar shirts replaced them and they were worn with the formal tails and a bow tie.

The various formal tuxedos accessories have also been a very important part of the formal tails ensemble. The patent black leather shoes were in style then and are still in fashion. These black leather shoes are worn with all formal wear including formal tails and tuxedos. The most common style of the shoes worn with tuxedos and formal tails were the lace up shoes. The change in the official clothing at that time gave way to making the tuxedos more popular, most certainly as the party wear.

Presently, the formal tails are best suited for the ultra formal events, whereas tuxedos are worn at all formal and semi formal events. Formal tails are worn to the formal weddings, state ceremonies, ballets, symphony, opera etc. Whereas tuxedos are worn at any place where you feel that a simple suit and tie are not enough. Tuxedos are worn to weddings, proms, corporate dinners, black tie events and many more. These days, the tuxedos have a much wider application in comparison to the formal tails.

Formal tails are generally worn either black or white colors. On the other hand, tuxedos are also popular in other colors such as midnight blue, grey as well as brighter colors for lighthearted events. However, there are certain things that both formal tails and tuxedos have in common. Both the formal tails and tuxedos comprise of satin facings on the jacket’s lapels. The trousers worn with both tuxedos and formal tails are basically same; the only difference being that the trousers worn with formal tails have a satin stripe on the outer seam of both legs. The same kind of dress shirts are worn with formal tails as well as tuxedos. Formal tails and tuxedos are both ready to wear apparels which suits each and every man. Formals tails and tuxedos can be easily bought from shopping malls as well as online stores. So the right apparel for the right event will make your stand out from the crowd. Always remember the rule – formal tails for the ultra formal events and tuxedos for the formal and semi formal events.

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