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Look Your Best While Being Ultra Formal In a Tuxedo Tail

A swallow tail coat, more commonly known as the tuxedo tail, is the traditional formal wear of men for the white tie attire. These Tuxedo tails are worn on extremely formal evening occasions which merit their presence. The tuxedo tail jackets reach till the waist length from the sides and the front, whereas its two long tails reach till the knee at the back. The tuxedo tails sometimes have a pocket in the interior of the jacket that is specifically meant to hold the men's formal wear gloves.

Tuxedo tails began as the modification of the traditional frock coat which typically extends up to the knees from all the sides. The tuxedo tails comprise of a satin facing on the formal wear coat's lapels. The tuxedo tails are double breasted most of the time. The fronts of the tuxedo tails jackets meet but it does not get buttoned up in the front. Most tuxedo tails contains two rows of show buttons, which means that all the buttons present on the front of the tuxedo tails jacket are non-functional.

Tuxedo tails are generally worn with a wing collar white formal wear shirt which comprise of single cuffs fastened together with cufflinks. Bow ties are generally worn with the tuxedo tails. Just like all other kinds of men's formal wear, the tuxedo tails too are based on the standard fashion of the past. In the 1830s, for over 2 decades the tuxedo tails were the day to day attire of the men. During that time, tuxedo tails were known as the 'claw-hammer'. At the time of the English Regency era, the tuxedo tails were considered to be the “de rigueur” attire for the men. Tuxedo tails were also the formal wear for the gentlemen of the English county, which were adorned during the horseback riding sessions. After the period of 1860s, it became the exclusive evening formal wear for men.

These days the formal wear tuxedo tails are manufactured using cent percent worsted wool. These formal wear have a little high collar at the back of the neck. These ultra formal wear tailcoats are fitted to the body from the chest, back as well as the abdomen. The formal wear tuxedo tails have 'M notch' lapels which reminds us of the vintage period. Most of the time, the formal wear are made of wool. But for warm climates, the tuxedo tails and formal wear made from linen are also available.

All kinds of formal wear including the tuxedo tails are usually worn in the traditional black, midnight blue and white colors only. The buttons on the formal wear can either be made of pewter or brass, or self fabric covered. The formal wear shirt worn with the tuxedo tails are made either from cotton or linen. The formal wear shirts include a high standing collar and off the shoulder sleeves. These days, tuxedo tails are the ultimate formal wear apparel of the men for all ultra formal occasions

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