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White Tie Accessories

One of the most difficult parts about dressing to white-tie standards is coming up with the perfect accessories to pair with your tuxedo. Finding the right Black Tailcoat or White Tailcoat is easy, as is picking out the perfect Tuxedo Vests and Shirts; building the beauty in the details, however, is in a league all of its own.

Which is why we're happy to put together this selection of white-tie accessories. Included among these formal accessories are cufflink sets, suspenders, ties and cummerbunds, top hats, scarves, gloves, dress socks, and divinely distinguished formal canes and walking sticks. Not only should it make shopping for the perfect accessory a breeze, but with our selection, we hope it'll be a fun experience too.

Below are some of the White Tie Accessories we have available: Click Here to see tailcoats

Pearl Links White Cufflinks Pique Wing Collar
Mother of Pearl Cufflinks White Cufflinks Pique Wing Collar Shirt

Gitman Pique Shirt Joseph Abboud Pique Shirt Regal Formal Suspenders
Gitman Tuxedo Shirt Abboud Tuxedo Shirt Regal Formal Suspenders

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